KATEX Ltd. is a private company, internationally recognised manufacturer of worsted fabrics. Our products are associated with excellent quality and value to all of our clients. We put as much care and dedication in what we produce as did our founders over 150 years ago. The dynamic management team comes to combine the innovation and flexibility with the experience and tradition.


We work constantly on continuous improvement of quality and increase of added value throughout the production process. The step-by-step quality control and the implementation of the latest achievements in textile technology contribute to increased efficiency and quick company response.

KATEX has a wide range of worsted and woollen fabrics in different compositions, weaves, yarn counts, weights and designs.

The annual output of the company exceeds 3 500 000 meters of finished fabrics. Our major clients are companies from Western Europe ( Germany , Denmark , Spain , England , France , Belgium ), as well as from the USA and Canada and also from Russia , Eastern Europe and Middle East .

The company keeps the pace of expanding its presence onto existing markets and simultaneously analyses intensively and dynamically seizes each new opportunity to establish such presence on new markets.

In our most recent collections were developed new blends with viscose and linen, and we also expanded our range in products from the Super 100's pure wool qualities collection. The production includes as well stretches, fabrics with natural stretch finish, washables, qualities with Teflon treatment. In the stretches we use filament (Lycra TM ) supplied by the leading manufacturer of synthetic fibers DuPont.

We are ISO 9001:2000 and OECOTEX STANDART 100 certified.

The company is capable to analyze a sample from a customer in its on-the-mill certified laboratory in case reproduction is required. This reproduction can be effected in color or design specified by the client.

The production has closed cycle, starts with the greasy wool and ends with finished fabrics. At certain stages additional products are made. Those include scoured wool, wool tops, weaving and knitting yarns.

In order to retain competitive advantage and to secure maximal adaptability to the changing marketing conditions, the company employs wide investment program for renovation and improvement of the technical equipment. The annual investment amounts at over EURO 1 500 000 .

We apply efforts on every production stage to minimize costs and increase efficiency and competitiveness of our products.